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Wednesday 21 October 2020

18:30 – 20.30 Early arrivals registration with networking drinks


Thursday 22 October 2020

8:45 – 9:45  Networking/registration with tea & coffee

09:45            Welcome address
                        Rod Addy, Editor, Food Manufacture

09:45            Emerging retail trends in plant-based protein

10:05            Ones to watch: global plant-based start-ups: hot property

10:25            Panel Discussion – 30 mins: where to next for plant-based?

Dr. Peter Hynes, Head of R&D, Meatless Farm

Sales of plant-based protein products have shot up in the past year. What are the factors fuelling that and have the drivers changed? How can we profile consumers of the category and do we expect this to change in 2020-21? Will meat analogues continue to play as big a role as they have done or will other formats evolve? And, aside from products that mimic meat, how will the plant-based trend affect other categories, such as snacks, drinks and dairy alternatives?

10:55            Refreshment break

11:25            What’s on the menu?

Zak Weston, Foodservice analyst, Good Food Institute

Foodservice outlets have always offered vegan alternatives for customers, but these used to be mere token gestures. Now, global mainstream chains are increasing their vegan options to keep pace with the sudden explosion in consumer interest in plant-based dishes. What have been the most interesting developments in this area over the past 12 months? How do current trends look like shaping up in the coming year? Does the future lie in dishes mimicking meat or overtly vegetarian recipes? How far can these mainstream chains go to accommodate this trend before they start eating into sales of meat products? What implications will the switch to flexitarianism and vegan diets have for the global supply chain? How can processors work with foodservice customers to effectively develop plant-based meal options? What can retailers learn from the evolution of foodservice in this area?

11:45            A manufacturing perspective on plant-based

12:05           A retail perspective on plant-based

Derek Sarno, Chef, Director of plant-based innovation, Tesco

Tesco has been at the forefront of retail development of the plant-based category in the UK. What insights can the company reveal about developing trends and tastes in UK retail in this area? How can suppliers operating in the category tailor their products more effectively to evolving shopper demand? How has Derek approached new product development in the category and what NPD plans does Tesco have to grow the category further? What role will plant-based dairy and other traditional grocery categories play within that? What place will straight meat replacement products play in the future? How are consumer expectations surrounding such products changing (will concern about the sustainability and health of ingredients increase, for example)?

12:30           Panel Discussion – 30 mins: forging and maintaining partnerships

13:00            Lunch

Breakout Sessions
You can choose up to two sessions to attend

session 1

14.00 – 14.45

session 2

14.00 – 14.45

session 3

14.45 – 15.30 

session 4

14.45 – 15.30 
The changing face of convenience Totally Radicle meat 

            Processing challenges

Andreas Bruns, Managing director, sales and service, Vemag

Vemag specialises in portioning and forming technology and can explore how to form, shape and process plant-based products that are designed to mimic meat alternatives, examining areas such as sausages, minced meat, plant-based ‘bacon’ and ‘burger’ shape and structure.

16:20             Plant-based dairy

16:40            KEYNOTE ADDRESS: plant-based, nutrition & health

17:00           Closing remarks
Rod Addy, Editor, Food Manufacture