Mike Faers

Mike began his life in food, honing his craft in the three Michelin-starred kitchen of Le Gavroche under the mentorship of Albert Roux, before moving into the corporate world to work as Innovation Director for the Hain Daniels Group, where he was responsible for the reputations of a number of leading household brands and as Head of Food for McDonald’s restaurants where he set the strategic direction for food and beverage globally.

He set up Food Innovation Solutions in 2010, having identified a burning need for innovation amongst many businesses operating in the food and beverage sector. Since then, FIS has continued to initiate fresh, new, and exciting ideas that have helped a wide range of business, across a vast array of sectors, from food service to manufacturing to retail, to grow their business, expand their reach, and increase profits.

More recently, Mike is the co-founder of Cubo Innovation – a joint venture with MMR Research, set up to help leverage consumer co-creation with culinary inspiration and prototyping to expedite innovation in food and drink.

Highly respected, dynamic and sought after by some of the UK’s biggest food brands for his expertise, keen insight and market knowledge, Mike has innovation in his DNA.

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